Xiaomi Youpin Portable Disinfecting Shoe Dryer: Drying without dead ends

Summer is sultry, sweating a lot, and winter shoes are too stuffy, and the moisture can’t be dissipated… Many people’s shoes are often damp, and the touch and smell suffer a double blow.

In this regard, Xiaomi Youpin’s Huoyuan portable shoe disinfector. The shoe drying device can keep shoes at a constant temperature of 55°C. Ozone sterilization, drying and disinfection can be done together.

Unlike common shoe dryers, it not only generates heat, but also has a warm air function, which makes it easier to bring heat to the depths of the toe, ensuring no dead ends.

In terms of specific design, the Huoyuan portable shoe disinfection and drying device adopts the PTC intelligent temperature control system, which can always control the temperature inside the shoe at about 55 degrees, which can not only avoid high temperature damage to the internal material, but also achieve the effect of rapid drying.

The tail of the shoe dryer adopts a gradual hole-shaped air outlet, from the edge to the center, from small to large to ensure that the hot air output reaches the maximum transmission distance.

The design is also quite exquisite, with a length of 17 cm, a width of 9 cm, and a thickness of only 4.2 cm. It is compact and portable and can be carried on business trips.

In terms of functions, the Huoyuan portable shoe disinfection dryer supports 5 seconds to start, three modes (15 minutes, 30 minutes, single drying) are optional, high temperature automatic power off, safe and secure.

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