Xiaomi’s first four-curved waterfall screen concept phone: the surrounding frame almost disappears and the design is completely non-porous

Xiaomi’s first four-curved waterfall screen concept phone was unveiled.

Xiaomi officially stated that the machine adopts a breakthrough four-sided 88° hyper-curved design, which overcomes the problems of deep bending of four-curved glass and fitting process. Almost all the frames are replaced by the screen, and the whole machine has an integrated non-porous design, eliminating all buttons and openings. , Held in the hand as warm as jade, placed on the table like drops of water.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s first four-curved waterfall screen concept phone has 46 technical patents for the whole machine. Xiaomi bluntly said that this is an unprecedented new form of mobile phones.

The machine adopts the industry’s first four-curved waterfall screen. A bendable flexible screen is essential, but the real difficulty is the manufacturing of 88° four-curved glass and the 3D bonding process.

The 88° deep-curved four-curved glass breaks the technological limit of glass production. Compared with ordinary 3D glass, the difficulty of hot bending and polishing is exponentially higher.

Xiaomi revealed that through the self-developed glass processing equipment, it is formed by hot bending under 800° high temperature and high pressure. Four different polishing equipments and more than ten complex polishing processes can be used to grind an 88° deep curved surface. Curved glass, and behind such a piece of glass are thousands of attempts.

To attach such a piece of 88° four-curved glass to a flexible screen, it is necessary to overcome the bending stress caused by the extreme bending angle and extremely small bending radius. The innovative screen stacking design is adopted, and under the breakthrough 3D bonding process, A flawless and flawless screen performance was achieved.

The shape of the future mobile phone depends on the shape of the screen. Because of the breakthrough four-curved waterfall screen, the integrated non-porous design of future mobile phones has a new direction.

The Xiaomi Siqu waterfall screen concept phone has almost all the frame replaced by the screen. Through 46 independent research and development patented technologies, the physical buttons and all the openings are truly disappeared.

Achieving external sound generation through ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics, the industry’s first flexible film screen sound technology to replace earpieces, in addition to high-power wireless charging, pressure-sensitive buttons, third-generation under-screen lenses, and other innovative technologies. .

According to Xiaomi, this is an attempt of our screen form and an exploration of the form of future mobile phones.

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