Xiaomi’s mysterious new product official announcement: set off fireworks with you

At noon on January 24, Xiaomi Smart Life official Weibo released a notice saying that a new product will be announced tomorrow (January 25).

Judging from the pre-heated posters, the mysterious new product seems to be a giant rice rabbit, studded with “diamond”-like decorations, should be able to shine.

It is speculated that the new product may be a New Year toy specially prepared for children, or a Mi Rabbit story machine.

The previously launched Mi Rabbit story machine mini was priced at RMB 149 and won the 2018 Red Dot Award.

Officially, this is a little guy who can accompany the children. The appearance is simple and small, and the design is warm and considerate. The cute cartoon rabbit image attracts children’s love. The details have also been repeatedly considered and processed to enhance the children’s experience.

The mini Bluetooth version of the Mi Rabbit Storytelling machine can become a baby’s exclusive Bluetooth speaker after being connected to a mobile phone. Popular content updated on major platforms, you can listen to whatever you want to listen to at your fingertips.

It has a built-in 16G memory card, which can be downloaded via a USB connection to a computer. Story Cloud 20000+ massive resources can be updated, and the large capacity can meet the needs of 0-6 years old babies at different stages.

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