Xiaomi’s new patent exposure: the rear camera can be detachable to change the front camera in seconds

As mobile phones are now developing towards a full screen, the front camera has always been a comprehensive technical difficulty. Although there is now an under-screen camera technology, it has seriously affected the ability to take pictures. And a new patent of Xiaomi seems to have brought another compromise.

According to 91Mobiles, Xiaomi submitted a new patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which shows a detachable rear camera design.

Judging from the patent report, the patent has a variety of rear camera module designs, including magnets, receivers, wireless transmission and other components, and uses a detachable design.

These detachable camera modules can be attached to the top of the phone by magnets and used as a front camera. This design will be able to achieve a perfect full-screen display effect.

It is worth mentioning that the patent picture shows two types of rear camera modules, circular and oval, which may mean that the detachable design will be suitable for a variety of camera modules. If this is the case, this will greatly improve the ability to take pictures beforehand.

However, this is only a patented design, and it is unknown whether it can be mass-produced. Of course, such a design will be a test for the airtightness of the mobile phone.

In addition, Xiaomi has previously applied for a similar patent for “electronic equipment and hidden camera”. This pop-up camera can be used to take self-portraits or as a rear camera to take photos and videos.

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