Xiaomi’s New Year’s Exclusive Blind Box is here: eight Mi Rabbits will start pre-sale tomorrow

According to news on January 25, Xiaomi Smart Life officially posted a message on Weibo yesterday, “How come you have fewer friends and relatives to accompany you as you count down to the New Year? This time, a mysterious new friend will “set off fireworks” with you.

As soon as the news came out, it caused heated discussions among many netizens. Some netizens speculated that Xiaomi is going to make fireworks?

Today, this mysterious new friend finally unveiled the mystery.

According to Xiaomi’s official statement, the new Mi Blind Box “Happy New Year” will be available for pre-sale at 10 am on January 26. From the pre-heating poster, it can be seen that there are 9 models in the series, including eight different models. Mi Rabbit.

It is worth noting that there is a “mysterious” Mi Rabbit in the lower right corner of the poster, which may become a hidden limited edition of the series.

It can be seen from the official warm-up copy that each Mi Rabbit represents the customs or meaning of the New Year.

It is reported that on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi last year, Xiaomi launched a commemorative blind box-“Friends from the Future” series of blind box dolls.

It is understood that Xiaomi’s 10th Anniversary Blind Box contains 9 different styles of Mi Rabbits. They come from a future interstellar battleship called “One Forward”. The 9 crew members on the battleship have unique skills and perform their duties. They shuttle through the galaxy. In between, explore the unknown world together.

This set of Xiaomi’s 10th Anniversary Blind Box embodies the growth of Xiaomi, extreme exploration, adherence to beliefs, full speed love, protection and concentration, passion for challenges, not forgetting the original intention, brave and fearless, and pursuit of yearning.

The price of this “Happy New Year” series of blind boxes is about the same as the 10th anniversary blind boxes, with a single box of RMB59 and a set (8 dolls) of RMB472.

Netizens who like traditional Chinese New Year culture and pursue the blind box trend are worth collecting.

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