Zimi 33W GaN charger: ultra-small size compatible with iPhone 12

With the rapid development of mobile phone charging technology, fast charging has become the standard configuration of smart phones, and many mobile phone manufacturers also use “100-watt” fast charging as a highlight of their flagships.

It is thanks to the fast charging technology that the mobile phone obtains a higher charging efficiency and reduces the waiting time for users to charge.

A few days ago, a 33W GaN charger from Zimi was officially launched on e-commerce platforms such as JD.com and Tmall. A 1.5-meter Type-C data cable is provided in the package.

Compatible with mainstream models on the market such as iPhone 12 and Android phones.

It is worth noting that not long ago, Zimi officially released a new product warm-up poster, and stated that “5W volume, 6 times performance”.

Judging from the charging logo of the lantern in the poster, the new product is a charger product, or the 33W gallium nitride charger put on the shelf this time.

It is reported that the size of this charger is only 30.4×30.4×34mm, which is 56% smaller than Xiaomi’s 33W USB-C charger and weighs only 50g.

Although small in size, its performance is very powerful.

It is understood that Zimi’s 33W GaN charger is built with a high-frequency, high-efficiency GaN power device, with a maximum output power of 33W.

According to the official, the charger only takes 58 minutes to charge 100% of the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition.

At the same time, it only takes 30 minutes to charge 60% of the iPhone 12.

Of course, the charger can also intelligently identify the output current, in addition to iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices, it can charge Android phones and Switch game consoles.

In terms of safety, Zimi’s 33W GaN charger adopts imported chip solutions and supports 8 major safety guarantees including output over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection, which can improve charging efficiency while ensuring charging safety.

The Zimi 33W GaN charger will be officially launched on March 8. Due to its small size, it is suitable for people who travel frequently and love to travel.

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